The Unspoken Concern

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As perverse and shameless and lewd as the Internet and its users can be, I am astonished at the lack of appeals to pornography as a justification for net neutrality. I spend a considerable amount of time reading from a variety news outlets and I haven’t come across one entreaty or plea which includes the preservation of America’s access to pornographic materials. For the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to eviscerate Obama-era net neutrality protections shall have noteworthy implications for one’s most carnal pastime.

This egregious decision comes following the death of August Ames on December 5th; I’m sure there was a mad scramble to Pornhub to peruse her oeuvre. And not more than ten days later, Yurizan Beltran was found dead at her home. More poignant are their deaths made because of their very nature, suicide in the former and suspected drug overdose in the later, matters which traipse distressingly close to the meadows of my melancholy. Politics imitates porn far more than porn imitates politics it would seem.

Let us ignore that the FCC’s decision—ignominious as it was and is—was made by a committee of unelected nincompoops who could perhaps use a few moments of improprietous glimpses of Ms. Ames and Ms. Beltran—and a few others I could recommend. I ask: when will the votaries of pornography make their stand and publicly profess their allegiance to the proponents of net neutrality? What happens when reactionary forces put social and political pressure on internet service providers to impede access to pornographic websites? Where are the bureaucrats who publicly avow laissez-faire porn attitudes?

Indeed, what shall we do when they come for the porn?

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