The Compassionate Nerd Elucidates the World

Hi! My name is Ephraim Gonzalez. I write.

A lot.

Once I learned how to write, I haven’t truly ever been able to stop. And I don’t see any reason why I should. (Did I mention I have an intense and insatiable infatuation with books, especially first, unique, or special editions?) I’ve always been fascinated with words, adding some multisyllabic ones here, tossing some convoluted ones there. Words have been my one true love since I knew what love was. Then, I learned the wonders of science and it became a love triangle. However, instead of clashing, my two loves were complementary.

My knowledge of words made it easier for me to remember all the jargon. It also helped that I was raised in a bilingual home and that I would later aspire to be a polyglot; aside from the obvious command of English I have, I am versed in Spanish, French, and German, with some rudimentary Italian and a smattering of Arabic curses (it is truly fun use this last one). img_7031

Like a true nerd, my scholastic achievements center around science. I have my Bachelor of Science in Biology (minors in Mathematics and Chemistry) and I have recently acquired my Master of Science in Public Health with a concentration in Global Health.

My friends and family have always lauded me for my ability to tell stories and write. I’m also the person they refer and defer to in all matters scientific. Flattering as all of that was (and still is), I began to wonder whether I was actually as commendable as my friends and family made me out to be. Could I sift through scientific jargon and then utilize other words to make it comprehensible to all? Could I ventilate topics that would otherwise remain in obscurity? Could I challenge the brazen claims about medicine and health that we are expected to believe?

That seemed like all the necessary ingredients for a blog. Mix vigorously with part journal, part social commentary, part science lesson, and part contrarian attitude. Add a few pinches of acceptance as the underlying and perennial theme. And voila… I have this blog. I am curious about what we are willing to accept. About our health. About our society. About others. About ourselves.

In short, I’d say I’m just a science nerd who can write well.

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