If Only I Had The Courage

Struggling to breathe through self-imposed restraints

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I’m trapped in my mind every moment in time,
Forever resigned to treasonous thoughts,
Where demons turn ambitions into naughts,
Attacking and raiding and consuming my time

Who are you, demons?
Who let you in?
There are no cracks in my bastion,
Surely none were invited to din

Who could I be if only I had the courage
To value and love and cherish myself?
Could I achieve wonders despite my baggage
If only I ceased to reproach and damage?

I carry a weight that makes Atlas relent,
Upon quivering shoulders I thought would prevail
But no sooner did I hope to pass from torment,
Did my mind recall the weight intruders avail

Where are you, demons?
Why are you here?
Have you come to bemuse and stun,
And fracture my spirit and all I hold dear?

Who could I be if only I had the courage
To persist and resist and fight back my demons?
Could I blossom and ripen full-grown
if only I realized the demons were me?

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