One Way to Look at Life

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Life is the evolution of the self, wherein one travels and communes with others so that we may better understand ourselves. We are deeply affected by all our experiences, inexorably changing to adapt to the pandemonium we call of life. All experiences leave marks some more visible than others.

The favorable kinds are happily subsumed by every cell, every tissue, and every organ. As a result, the heart beats with conviction, the brain bathes in its rich lessons, while the mind is left to soar beyond the confines of infinity.

The unfavorable kinds gouge deep wounds which stifle the breath, dim the soul, and narrow the vision. However, life has conferred upon us the capacity for regeneration whereby our deep wounds heal and only scars remain. But the wearer, now healed and learned, bearing the scars of one’s own painful origins may once again take great breaths and rekindle the flames of their heart in order that they confront the future head-on.

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