The End of 2014

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As the end of 2014 draws near, one is often compelled to reflect on all the happenings of the year. I hope the reader will be capable of searching deep within themselves, truly ruminating on all the events of the previous year in an effort to derive wisdom which will serve to better the year that is to come. I believe that all experiences can offer a modicum of wisdom and learning that should never be squandered. From the most obscene eruption of the bowels to the most profound acts of love and intimacy; from the most banal tasks of labor to the most exquisite art crafted, each experience bequeaths one with information that can expand one’s understanding of oneself and the universe.

We are all beset by bleak circumstances and indescribable loss, often at times when one least expects it. We have all made regrettable decisions, it is part of being human. We consumed too greedily, we spoke too carelessly, we neglected too frequently, and we acted too selfishly. Consequences of such actions tend to exact a heavy price, wherein one accrues a debt that is difficult to shake. But also I encourage the reader to reflect on all the good that has taken place and remember that salvation of a kind is possible. Only we can deliver ourselves from our own sins and the first step towards any kind of redemption begins with accepting responsibility in an adult sense.

Thankfully, careful reflection yields memories forged in the fires of merriment and amusement. For me, 2014 has been the most incredible year I have ever lived. During this year, a new friendship blossomed to heights I had never thought attainable and my existing friendships were veritably cemented such that life without these individuals is actually inconceivable. Admittedly, I have not maintained and cultivated some of these friendships as much as I would have wanted. But in the brief moments we have shared over food and drink and boisterous conversation, I have learned—as one always does—who I am glad will stand with me in the future.

And as 2015 draws ever closer, thus another chapter of our lives has been written. I will bequeath the reader with some suggestions that I hope that could be used, either in part or in whole to better the year to come. These are a list of things we ought to do more often, not only to enrich our own lives but to enrich the lives of others.

  • Laugh. This seems to be a perennial injunction placed on every list about happiness worth reading. And yet, this cannot be overstated. Laughing, especially of the kind of which I can heartily produce, provides untold levity and occupies a specific dimension of happiness where it frankly deserves its own word.
  • Write. In my previous post, I outlined how precious, soothing, and heartwarming a handwritten letter can be to a loved one. And I would like to iterate that writing, whether a blog or a journal, is important in allowing the creativity that roils beneath the surface to emerge.
  • Nourish both mind and body. Memories of hearty laughter and good cheer can serve as a panacea for the psyche. This could not be truer than when such memories are shared and/or indeed created with loved ones.
  • Be Honest. And this platitude… one must be honest with oneself. When one can do that—be honest without the intention of evasion—everything else is gravy.

Enter the new year with open eyes and open minds. Farewell until 2015!

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