To Be At Ease

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The reader may find this post slightly more bare than some of my others. However, I am on vacation, thus I can presume a modicum of forgiveness shall be extended towards me. I find myself significantly more tranquil, of mind and body. I am surrounded by friends, some old and some new. I have been embraced with such a hospitality and homeliness and kindness that can only be encompassed by the German, “Gemütlichkeit”. Further, until the first of December, I do not have to return to my job and that fact fills me with more joy.

Should the reader have doubts about a road trip, or fear that one would be unsuccessful, I would assert that the contrary is true. I find myself exploring multiple states within the United States. Our voyage will only last for a few days, too brief to completely explore all the treasures. This, however, does not mean that trip would not be worth it. Nor could it be said that this trip would not be nourishing. I can already observe the positive effects in my friends—broader smiles, deeper laughs, and no concerns for the world we temporarily left behind

One should take the opportunity to ask whether enough time is allocated toward sanity, solitude, reflection, or the pursuit of something meaningful. I can say that it is perhaps not an understatement that vacationing—whether in lands far away or exploring locations nearby—will provide unparalleled catharsis. And that is something one must deny oneself.

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