Explaining the Subtitle of My Blog

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When I first decided that I wanted to write a blog, I was hesitant. I thought, “Who the hell would read anything I wrote?” I had no intention of making a journal, documenting all the moments of my life and revealing my deepest thoughts and secrets for all to see. Such an idea did not appeal to me, nor does it to this day. My journal is for my eyes only.

At first, I wanted to make my blog about the silly experiences one has, coherent and intelligent discourse concerned with the terrible restaurant experience, bad drivers, poor grammar, and, to be frank, the random bullshit one encounters in daily life. I wanted to present some perceived injustice, rant for a few paragraphs, and then offer my advice.

It came to pass that this style of presentation was deeply unsatisfying to me and I felt that more could be done. The perennial question became: “Who the hell would read anything I wrote?” That was shortly followed by questions related to making my writing more appealing. To date, I have found a suitable solution to this dilemma (I will address this a bit later). I was able to transform my original concept of a blog into something that I would be (and am) happy to contribute towards. The blog you now read is more akin to a social commentary about the experiences common to all. The discourse found herein will still be concerned with restaurant experiences, poor grammar, bad drivers, and random bullshit. But where this blog will differ from my initial conception is that I intend to present the topics I think are important in terms of acceptance.

I felt that acceptance was becoming an increasingly more important topic as the social climate changed. This was (and remains) especially true when pressing issues such as same-sex marriage, gender and racial equality, marijuana legalization, police brutality, war and terrorism, and many others, demand more of our attention. Hopefully, the idea of acceptance is not a foreign one to the reader. It is an exhaustive topic and, I daresay, it would be hubristic of me to say that I could address everything such a topic demands. Briefly, acceptance is that which we all strive to achieve: to be tolerated, endorsed, and welcomed by peers, friends, and family. It is often the case that we would wish for those individuals to accept us as we are; we would wish to be supported and nurtured, our individuality fostered and our ideas respected.

Now to address the solution to which I previously stated I would come back to. My profile reads:

I am curious about what people (including myself) are willing to accept; what are we willing to put up with? What are we willing to accept about ourselves and about others? Should we accept that which is given to us or should we strive for something better?

I wrote that when my blog was still in its infancy. And it was not clear to me at the time that self-acceptance was required of me before I could ever write a blog that I would be proud of. This notion of self-acceptance did not become clear until I spoke with a person whom I would now consider a friend (I know this person will read these words. Thus, I will be vague for the sake of their anonymity and for the joy of seeing their response when they discover that it was their words that had been the last piece of the puzzle, so to speak). This friend and I were having a conversation and I made a comment that had been excessively nerdy. Without waiting for a response I quickly apologized, at which point I was told never to apologize for being myself. And at that moment everything seemed to make sense and all was well in heaven and earth… a bit dramatic, I’m aware, but this is my moment of enlightenment. I’ll tell it as it was.

The solution was self-acceptance, simple enough but it had eluded me for so long. Upon further reflection, I found that I had made excuses and apologies for behavior that was specific to me. Perhaps I felt that people would find me too strange or perhaps I was trying to ensure I did not insult anyone. Whatever the case was, I was determined to change it. It was because of said conversation that I write unapologetically and proudly, without need of external validation or approval. Should my writing be read and positive comments made, I shall receive them gladly. Should my writing be read and negative comments made, I shall also receive them gladly.

I could answer the followings questions and give you my thoughts, but I would rather them be prompts that call forth the neurons to fire and bring about unfettered thought, and perhaps afterwards, meaningful dialogue with oneself and others. Do we allow ourselves to speak our minds? Must one be inhibited by societal and familial pressures? Does one choose chocolate or vanilla? Should one get both? Can one stand as a witness to crimes unspeakable? Does one prefer action to complacency? Does one favor disinterest and reticence in the face of inequities and injustices?

I wish this blog tickles the brain and forces people to pause in order to reflect on what they truly deem acceptable, about themselves first, and then others. So, when one finds oneself in a situation, no matter how picayune or how grand, it behooves one to ask: C’est acceptable?

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